Cricket Legend, Lord Botham, Joins the Metaverse

  • Lord Botham becomes the first cricket star to join the metaverse.
  • His arrival is expected to inspire other cricket stars to adopt web3 and the metaverse.

British sports icon Lord Botham has teamed up with blockchain technology company, Caduceus, to join the metaverse and introduce an exclusive NFT collection on the Light Cycle platform. This move by the award-winning cricketer opens up the metaverse to cricket for the first time and exemplifies the limitless potential of the blockchain industry.

Botham’s presence in the blockchain space speaks volumes about how the industry has gained the attention of some of the most renowned sportsmen of the modern era. Botham is believed to be one of English cricket’s all-time greats. He was also an acclaimed sportscaster and a charity advocate.

In addition to being a sports icon, Lord Botham’s abilities, tenacity, and distinctive attitude exceeded the cricket world and made him a global icon. Botham joins the growing list of celebrities to sign up for the crypto space. The cricket legend has joined the digital revolution with the launch of his NFT on Light Cycle.

Light Cycle is a 3D metaverse platform that offers users the chance to interact with their favorite brands and celebrities through an all-around 3D experience. By being the first cricket star in the metaverse, Lord Botham demonstrates his desire to take the lead.

The 66-year-old icon intends to repay his devoted followers by giving them access to his legacy through a one-of-a-kind service. Botham’s team spent months looking into the metaverse and his partnership with Caduceus mirrors his intent. Caduceus is one of the foremost metaverse-compatible blockchain platforms. 

 Lord Bohams‘s foray into the metaverse will begin with an NFT collection that will provide unprecedented access to Beefy’s universe. The sports icon will reportedly provide guidelines on how fans can be involved.

The former cricket star said he was delighted to join the metaverse. Like most people, Lord Botham became fascinated by the growing popularity of the virtual world and, after close research, decided to make his mark on the industry. Speaking of his excitement, the member of the House of Lords, said,

Like most people, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Metaverse and NFT’s, I’ve done my research and am delighted to be launching my ‘Beefy Botham’ NFTs on Light Cycle which is powered by the caduceus Blockchain. I have made some tutorials to help my existing fans and will be able to offer them unique user experiences as well as education, very excited to be taking Cricket to the Metaverse.

The partnership with Caduceus is reciprocal and extends far beyond the simple buying and selling of NFTs. It will serve as an example of what can be accomplished in the blockchain world when a person of Lord Botham’s status is involved. It will undoubtedly draw a new breed of aspiring cricket players to the metaverse and promote the sport to blockchain users. According to Caduceus’s representatives, the partnership will create a win-win situation for both parties.

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