Internet Computer (ICP) Price Prediction – 2022, 2025, 2030

Cryptocurrencies have been a massive success while also being a loss situation paradigm for some users. As a result, traders and investors are always looking for price forecasts down to the smallest detail and want to know the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Is an Internet Computer (ICP) a good buy? What will Internet Computer be worth in 2025? What will Internet Computer be worth in 10 years? Investing in any cryptocurrency for the long and short term will be thoroughly discussed.

Internet Computer gained popularity right after its launch because of its fast transaction speed, increased scaling, and lower computing costs. As a result, ICP allows users to work on a decentralized network, unlike other blockchains on the cloud.

This cryptocurrency guide will uncover everything you need about Internet Computer and their features. Nevertheless, our primary focus will remain on the ICP price prediction from 2022 to 2030.

What is the Internet Computer?

Internet Computer (ICP), a decentralized blockchain network, offers unlimited internet speed and massive support for dApps (smart contracts). The DFINITY Foundation established the ICP to transform the Internet into a world-class computing platform. Internet Computer has a fantastic team that has created smart contracts that enable developers to create dApps. In addition, the Internet Computer provides infinite scalability and high-level security through a specific system of checks.

ICP differs from other networks because its blockchain, which has excellent functionality, is open to the public. ICP has reduced computational costs and increased web speed for its users worldwide. As a result, the transactions are completed in less than a second and at a meager price. In the traditional centralized Internet, ICP has introduced decentralization. Developers and ordinary internet users hold the computational power on the Internet computer platform. Chain Key Technology ensures this. 

Chain key technology powers the ICP and allows it to add new nodes from subnets to implement blockchain scaling. It also replaces faulty nodes and updates the protocol to fix bugs. On the ICP platform, the scalability method allows for verified transactions. For instance, using a single public key on the Internet has simplified the transaction process.

The Internet computer quickly gained popularity because of its fast transaction speeds, increased scaling, and lower computing costs. As a result, ICP allows users to work on a decentralized network, unlike other cloud-based blockchains.

The Internet Computer Ecosystem

The Internet computer ecosystem is vast and divided into several categories: Wallet, Infrastructure, NFT, Authentication, Tools, Dapp, Games, Work, ETH, Metaverse, and many others. Under these categories, the Internet Computer Ecosystem has 75 featured projects.

The following are the fundamental ecosystem technologies and projects that distinguish the Internet Computer.

Chain key Cryptography – Chain-key cryptography is the process that has allowed the Internet Computer to scale to millions of nodes. 

It has enabled Internet Computer to provide a service that allows all devices, including PCs, laptops, cell phones, and smartwatches, to verify authenticity using a single public key.

Motoko; a Programming Language – Motoko is an open-source programming language for creating decentralized applications or smart contracts. It supports the programming model of the Internet Computer and allows it to benefit from the unique features of its blockchain.

 Motoko is strongly typed, actor-based, and includes support for asynchronous message passing. It ensures productivity and security by combining arbitrary and fixed-precision arithmetic with automatic memory management, generics, type inference, and pattern matching.

Non-Interactive Distributed Key Generation (NIDKG) – It is a hidden sharing scheme with a dealer who creates a Shamir hidden sharing of field elements. These dealers distribute verified shares on the Internet Computer Platform to various receivers.

Network Nervous System (NNS) – This system manages the Internet Computer by storing and updating information about which nodes belong to which subnet.

AstroX – This blockchain development team is dedicated to creating tools for the Web3.0 ecosystem. Astro’s Dart agent facilitates the development of blockchain mobile applications on the Internet Computer.

ICNaming – ICNaming, a test net, allows the Internet Computer ecosystem to register Internet Computer Name Service domain names. It enables users to have a decentralized name service.

Fundamentals of Internet Computer (ICP)

When was the Internet Computer Introduced?

The Internet Computer (ICP) was established in the year 2021.

Management Team

Dominic Williams founded Internet Computer. More than 250 researchers and engineers are on the management team, including Josh Drake, Eva Oberholzer, Lomesh Dutta, Gian Bochsler, Jan Camenisch, Samuel Burri, and Michael Lee.

Its Native Token – ICP 

What is the aim of the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer Project (ICP) aims to support blockchain singularity by providing dApps and content to billions of users without the need for traditional IT. It is also developing technologies such as chain-key cryptography and programming languages such as Motoko to perform computation for its users.

How does it work?

The Internet Computer, the world’s fastest blockchain, has extended the Internet with its computational power. It serves web content directly into browsers, allowing the smart contracts (dApps) to work 100%. The Internet Computer employs chain key cryptography, which eliminates the need for users to use tokens or download the blockchain state to verify transactions. Users interact with dApps on the ICP protocol without compromising security and scalability.

IMX Use Case

The platform uses ICP tokens for network processing fees and staking. Through decentralized governance, they enable users to vote on token-related proposals. Model participants are also rewarded with ICP coins.

ICP Tokenomics

With a live market capitalization of $1,584,179,620, Internet Computer (ICP) is currently ranked #40. The current live price is $6.76, with a 24-hour trading volume of $112,415,953. There are 482,632,444 ICP coins in circulation, with a total supply of 234,436,388.18 ICP coins.

Price History of ICP

The Internet Computer coin was created in 2021. On May 10, 2021, ICP reached an all-time high of $750.73, and its price dropped 17.91 percent in a week. ICP currently trades at $5.83 ICP has moved 1.34%. The Internet Computer has a 0.12 percent market share and is 99.13 percent less than its all-time high.

Internet Computer Price Chart: Source Tradingview
  • All-time high price: $750.73 on May 10, 2021.
  • All-time low price: Not Available

Internet Computer Coin Overview

ICP is the native token of Internet Computer. It allows its users to take part in the Internet blockchain protocol. Users also use ICP coins to govern the blockchain network. Staking ICP coins enable computing for dApps and traditional applications. The ICP protocol supports ICP, and transactions do not require network confirmation.

Internet Computer Overview Source: Coinmarketcap
Internet Computer Overview Source: Coinmarketcap

The maximum ICP withdrawal amount is 4,000 ICP, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.04 ICP coins. ICP coins can be traded on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro and allow you to send and receive ICP coins; however, ICP coins are not supported by digital wallets.

It is currently ranked #40, with a market capitalization of $1,581,371,742. There are currently 234,436,388.18 ICP coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 469,213,710.

Internet Computer Price Predictions

Are you looking for Internet Computer price predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 and want to comprehend where Internet Computer prices can go in the future? We’ll look at Internet Computer (ICP) past prices and see what technical analysis suggests about the Internet Computer price forecast.

The Internet Computer (ICP) price predictions are solely based on technical analysis, and I will be using a series of technical indicators such as moving averages, trendlines, Fibonacci retracement, RSI, and MACD to determine the Internet Computer price prediction.

Let’s first look at the Internet Computer price predictions for 2022 to 2030.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2022

Although Internet Computer (ICP) is still in its early stages, it has impacted the crypto space. It currently holds the 40th position. It forms a bearish pattern in the form of a downward channel. Price declines will continue if the coin’s value remains in the bearish zone. 

According to our ICP technical outlook, the cost of ICP in 2022 could be as low as $9.51. With an average selling fee of $9.79, ICP’s price could reach a high of $10.82. A bullish pattern is predicted for 2022, with the price nearly doubling by the end of the year.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2023

The Internet computer price prediction is expected to rise significantly by 2023. A fast, secure Internet computer ecosystem could help the value of ICP coins skyrocket. As a result, the demand for multifunctional crypto is growing, and the cost of ICP will change dramatically in 2023. The ICP coin is expected to trade at a lower price of $8.76. 

In 2023, our analysts predict a higher value of $9.85 and an average of $10.56. There is a chance that ICP’s will break through the barriers and lead the market by the end of 2023.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2024

There are several theories about the Internet Computer. First, given the company’s specialized achievements and growth, the ICP coin pricing is expected to show a bullish pattern in 2024. The average cost of ICP will most likely be $8.73.

By the end of the year, an Internet Computer is expected to cost at least $8.03, and the ICP price could reach a high of $11.42.

Internet Computer Daily Price Chart: Source Tradingview

According to projections, this would be significantly higher than the previous year. However, the benefits of security and scalability, combined with exciting promotion measures, may significantly increase the price of the ICP coin in a short period.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2025

The Internet Computer Network lives up to its billing. Users have faith in this platform’s ability to function. Internet computer development projects focused on various education, accessibility, and invention could propel them to prominence. There is a good chance that the price will double by 2025.

ICP is expected to cost as little as $11.59 in 2025. However, it could reach a high of $12.93, with a trading price of $14.76 on average. Traders who want to earn passive income, in the long run, can invest in this project.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2026

The cryptocurrency market has raised expectations for Internet Computers, and ICP. It is a community for designers and creators working on better-decentralized apps. If the markets improve, the ICP fee will break through all barriers and continue to rise, eventually reaching the indicated peak. According to our 2026 Internet Computer price forecast, ICP could easily reach its next resistance level before the end of the year.

In 2026, the cost of an Internet computer is expected to be as low as $10.69. According to our research, the ICP cost might reach a high level of $12.37, with an average expected price of $11.50.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2027

Internet Computer is prepared to detect various cryptocurrencies to increase investor confidence in ICP and its future achievements. The price benchmark for the short and long-term pricing could reach by using good strategy and effort.

Technical analysis of Internet Computer suggests that the ICP will increase in price by $15.03 in 2027. According to our estimate, the minimum cost of the Internet Computer in 2027 is expected to be about $12.79.The price of the coin might reach a maximum of $19.34, with an average market value of $15.03.

Internet Computer Weekly Price Chart: Source Tradingview
Internet Computer Weekly Price Chart: Source Tradingview

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2028

The Internet computer (ICP) cost is forecasted to climb outlying as scarcity promotes price increases. ICP is a crypto asset that allows crypto traders to earn a passive income. As a result, ICP’s long-term investment objectives appear favorable.

The price of the ICP coin is expected to reach a lower cost of $19.29 and a higher cost of $22.58 in 2028. The average trading price of ICP is forecasted to be $20.49 by 2028.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2029

The price prediction for 2029 is optimistic, with the average price anticipated to exceed $27.32. The ICP coin is well suited for completing network transactions as it provides several incentives to network users, which is excellent since the coin will develop market momentum.

According to the projected data analysis, the price of ICP is likely to reach the $26.09 level. Internet computers are predicted to achieve a minimum cost of $25.39 by the end of the year. Moreover, the ICP price has the potential to reach a maximum amount of $29.21 in the year 2029.

Internet Computer Price Prediction 2030

There are indications that the crypto business will enter a new phase in the year 2030. Authentic project-based virtual currencies have the potential to take over the market. For instance, 2030 may finish with an average price of $30.32, while the ICP Coin’s minimum price may be $29.21.

Many cryptocurrencies, including the ICP Coin, might reach new all-time high points in 2030. The highest possible price is predicted to be approximately $31.72. However, if there is a bull market in 2030, ICP Coin prices may rise and exceed our price projection.


To summarize, the future looks promising for Internet Computer due to ongoing network developments. Furthermore, with advancements and updates to the Internet Computer (ICP) network, its performance would contribute to breaking the current record.

The coin has a considerable potential to reach new heights in terms of pricing. Internet Computer has demonstrated its ability to surprise investors with increasing gains, as evidenced by the recent increase in ICP Coin Pricing.

It has become one of the most prominent Blockchain platforms, giving the ICP Coin real-world value. Based on our pricing analysis, long-term investments in ICP Coin appear to be a wise choice. Keep an eye on our price predictions for more cryptocurrency forecasts of the latest and most popular altcoins.


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