No Partnership With Helium, Confirm Lime And Salesforce

  • Helium (rebranded as Nova Labs) hasn’t secured any partnership deal with Salesforce and Lime according to reports from The Verge and Mashable
  • The official website of Helium displays the logos related to Lime and Salesforce until the last Friday while neither of the two have anything to do with Helium

Decentralized wireless network Helium (rebranded as Nova Labs) does not have any partnerships with two renowned firms – Lime and Salesforce – whose logos it used to feature on its website until two days ago. 

According to the two separate reports by Mashable and The Verge, Helium, which claims to be a “global, distributed network of hotspots that create public, long-range wireless coverage for Internet of Things (IoT) devices,” displayed the Lime and Salesforce logos on its website until the latest Friday, while neither of the two is using its technology.

Mashable reported on Friday that there is no relationship between transportation company Lime and Helium, but the latter makes “numerous mentions of this partnership on its website” by stating that Lime uses its technology for geolocation, along with displaying the former’s logo for years.

According to the report, a Lime spokesperson told the tech news outlet that since a brief, initial test in summer 2019, Lime has not had any contact with Helium. The transportation company had also asked Helium not to display its logo and name for promotional purposes as a condition of that trial. Moreover, the report also added that Lime could take legal action against Helium soon.

“Now, however, Mashable has learned that Lime is preparing to send a cease and desist to Helium over its use of Lime’s name and logo on its website and in its marketing,”

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Interestingly, The Verge’s follow-up report posted later on the same day reveals that Helium’s relationship claims with Salesforce are also bogus as the latter does not use the former’s technology.

“Now, Salesforce, whose logo appeared on Helium’s website right next to Lime’s, says that it also doesn’t use the technology.”

it reads.

A Salesforce spokesperson approached The Verge to state that “Helium is not a Salesforce partner” and that the company’s logo display on Helium’s website is inaccurate.

It is interesting to note that Helium has removed Salesforce and Lime from the list of logos displayed with the title “Helium is used by” before the end of Friday’s business day. However, the company still shows a list of 12 logos from various entities. 

Notably, with its own Blockchain and native token HNT, Helium is a respectable company in the crypto space. In February 2022, it raised $200 million in a Series D funding round, bringing its valuation to $1.2 billion.

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