Revolut Announces a Strategic Partnership with Polkadot

  • Revolut announced that the educational project that will run in collaboration with the Polkadot network will commence this July.

As a measure geared towards educating its subscribers,  Revolut, a British Financial Technology company, has launched its first-ever “Learn & Earn” blockchain-powered project. This development was confirmed in a blog post relayed by the financial technology firm on Monday.

 As revealed, this educational project that will run in collaboration with the Polkadot network will commence this July. Revolut disclosed that the move to instigate the initiative emanated from its resolve to disseminate the gospel of crypto amid its continuous advancement in the emerging world, characterized by future-generation web3 apologists, investors, and traders.

Revolut Taps on Polkadot to Enhance Crypto Adoption 

Notably, the firm announced that the initiative has been packaged to be in two program courses. According to Revolut, the two courses are designed to enhance monetary and market understanding of its fresh and old subscribers. More so, the firm further states that both courses tend to grossly enlighten customers about the necessary rudiments of major protocols, assets, and cryptocurrencies in the Web3.0 world.

As designed, the first of the series is identified as “Crypto Basics”. In this course, new intakes will be enlightened on the existing distinctions between traditional currencies and crypto.

 As revealed, this first series entails a host of introductory topics, including the meaning of cryptography, decentralized systems, blockchains, as well as the fundamental terminologies obtainable in crypto trading.

Worth noting, that the second course is programmed to run on the Polkadot(DOT) decentralized ecosystem. It will reportedly tutor Revolut’s customers on the merits and chances unlocked by Polkadot(DOT) cross-chain ecosystem. Also, this series outlines the basic benefits and prospects attributed to the aforementioned. 

Additionally, interactive visual tools, including cards and videos will be used throughout the educational initiative. These tools will be harnessed to relay key information on Polkadot’s design, token, cases, and commercial incorporations.

The Crypto General Manager of Revolut, Emil Urmashin says both courses will avail interesting sessions for the web3-oriented participants. He boasted that Revolut’s subscribers are enthusiastic about knowing more about cryptocurrencies. Urmashin believed the new “Learn and Earn” project possesses the capacity to equip them with the necessary exposure to the emerging trends, dangers, and potential opportunities enveloped in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The General Manager is optimistic that the partnership with the Web3 foundation will go a long way in keeping subscribers abreast of the crypto trends and all terminologies incurred.

Worth noting that, participants will be subjected to an online test after the two series. As revealed, all successful candidates become eligible to receive $15 in DOT tokens.

Furthermore,  spokespersons for the Fintech firm assure users that more programmes will be incorporated into the Learn and Earn initiatives in subsequent months.

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