Solana to Inject $100 Million into South Korean Crypto Space

Solana Ecosystem Introduces Saga Smartphone For Web3 Users, Priced at $1,000

  • According to the Solana announcement, Saga specifications include a 6.67-inch Oled display, 12 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage. 

The Solana ecosystem is taking its development to another level with the introduction of Saga mobile. The flagship Android mobile phone is integrated with the Solana blockchain, thereby providing seamless services for Web3 users.

Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana, described Saga mobile as a new standard for the Web3 experience.

“Almost 7 billion people use smartphones around the world and more than 100 million people hold digital assets – and both of those numbers will continue to grow,” Yakovenko noted.

What Saga brings to the Solana Ecosystem 

The Solana ecosystem came to the limelight after several celebrities and social media influencers endorsed it in the past few years. However, the network has been a victim of its success. This year alone, the Solana ecosystem has suffered five network outages caused by trading bots.

Nonetheless, the network has not shown any signs of giving up soon. Moreover, the Sol ecosystem now takes pride in the Saga mobile phone.

Reportedly, Saga is designed and manufactured by OSOM, a leading Android development company that has worked for Google, Apple, and Intel, among others.

According to the Solana announcement, Saga specifications include a 6.67-inch Oled display, 12 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage. For comparison purposes, Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 13 pro max with 512 GB storage starts at $1,399 on Amazon. 

The security system was the priority in developing the Saga smartphone. Reportedly, Saga’s security features will enable the Solana Mobile Stack’s Seed Vault. Additionally, the Seed Vault will keep private keys, seed phrases, and secrets separated from the application layer yet still capable of interacting with applications running on the device or in a mobile browser.

Jason Keats, co-founder and CEO of OSOM said, “The world needs novel hardware to embrace the future that is web3, and building out an ecosystem that looks to the future without being burdened by past legacy ecosystems is hugely exciting for us.”

Interested buyers are required to deposit $100 which is ostensibly fully refundable. 

Solana is currently ranked position nine by market capitalization according to our data. Worth noting, that the asset is trading around , up 27.9 percent in the past seven days.

Market Outlook

Since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, global smartphone shipments have declined sharply. With the ongoing geopolitical volatility especially in Europe, global smartphone shipments are expected to decline further.

Solana’s Saga is expected to fight big tech industry players including Apple, Samsung, Huawei among others.

However, with the promise of seamless and secure Web3 connectivity, Saga is likely to win.

While some crypto-related firms are closing down due to the liquidity crisis fueled by the current market turmoil, Solana is flexing muscles with hardware devices.

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