Solana addresses bugs to prevent network outages

Solana (SOL) Addresses Bugs to Prevent Network Outages

Solana (SOL) developers have resolved the bug that caused the network outage last week.

On Sunday, Solana Labs released a report about the network outage that occurred on June 1, the fifth one this year, saying that the failure happened due to a bug in the “durable nonce transactions feature.”

The durable nonce transactions represent those transactions within the Solana network that cannot expire, as opposed to regular transactions that have a lifetime of only about 2 minutes.

The bug impeded new block production for more than four hours, after which validators were required to restart the network.

“The durable nonce transaction feature was disabled in releases v1.9.28/v1.10.23 to prevent the network from halting if the same situation were to arise again,” Solana Labs wrote in their report.

The Solana Labs team added that durable nonce transactions will be re-enabled in the next release and will not process “until the mitigation has been applied.”

The durable nonce transactions are typically associated with avenues like custodial services that demand more time to create “a signature for the transaction,” as explained in the Solana Documentation.

Furthermore, Solana Labs noted that these transactions need a different mechanism that prevents double processing. Durable nonce transactions are also “processed serially,” though the bug that led to the latest outage emerged after a durable nonce transaction was handled as a regular transaction and failed. The transaction was then resubmitted again and resulted in a network failure.

“After the failed transaction was processed, but before the nonce was used again, the user resubmitted the same transaction for processing. This resubmission activated the bug in the runtime,“ Solana Labs said in the report.

Solana’s price declined almost 14% since the last network outage last week and stands at around $39.4. The cryptocurrency remains down more than 75% since the start of the year.

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