Finblox Raises Daily Withdrawal Cap To $3,000; Sues Three Arrows Capital

  • Finblox had previously limited withdrawals to $1,500 after the level of its risk exposure to three arrows capital.

A representative of the crypto-staking platform, Finblox, revealed to the media that withdrawal limits on the Hong Kong-based crypto platform are no longer $1,500 but $3,000. The source added that the crypto firm plans to raise this limit to $50,000 by next week. But the $50,000 limit would only be for verified users.

Two weeks ago, Finblox capped withdrawals at $1,500 after three arrows capital insolvency issues (3AC) became public knowledge. 3AC is a core investor in Finblox and also one of the main hackers for the distressed terra network. 3AC struggled with several liquidation issues last month.

Finblox Caught Up in 3AC’s Liquidity Crisis

The company owes more than $400 million to crypto lending firms. A June 15 update by Finblox lists 3AC as one of its counterparties. In his remarks to the latest news, Peter Hoang (Finblox chief executive) said the crypto-staking platform is making the best efforts so their customers can trust them again.

One such way was for users to access their funds, especially in the current market conditions. He also said the move would enable the firm to test the waters and look to restore business as usual. Finblox has sent multiple notices to 3AC requesting loan repayment.

However, the hedge fund hasn’t responded to its request. Thus, Finblox is taking the legal route to recover its money from the crypto hedge fund. Finblox also announced that it had resumed its yield generation for specified tokens.

The crypto staking platform also announced that it would resume its referral program. It would also pay those due for rewards before the cap on withdrawals. A tweet from the company states that the team is improving the product to ensure that the level of transparency of the system is higher.

Nevertheless, many Finblox users on Twitter accuse the crypto-staking platform of offering unsustainable Annual Percentage Yields (APY). The staking platform offers 90 percent APY for those staking Axie Infinity Shards (AXS).

Besides the crypto winter, the crash of 3AC has negatively affected several crypto firms. Finblox is one such platform. Other notable ones include crypto lending firms, Celsius, and genesis. According to reports, 3AC’s debt to Genesis is in ‘hundreds of millions of dollars.’

Similarly, 3AC’s debt to Celsius caused the latter to pause withdrawals on its platform. An official statement by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) says the regulator would be taking appropriate sanctions against 3AC.

The MAS alleges 3AC of exceeding the limits of the worth of assets it’s supposed to be managing. Also, 3AC was feeding the apex bank false information regarding its operations.

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