MetaTope Partners With Moxy.IO to Build WEB3 Infrastructure for Games and Content Creators

  • One of the goals of the MetaTope and partnership is to revolutionize the privacy of digital identity.

On Friday, Web3 infrastructure firm MetaTope and announced that the two crypto firms are now in partnership. is a middleware layer firm that powers the new generation of video games. Through this partnership, the two firms hope to develop a system that would revolutionize the privacy of digital identity for content creators and game developers.

MetaTope and Joins Forces

The move is the first for MetaTope after its successful foray into the Web3 sector and the launch of its proprietary MTskins platform. Notably, the MTskins is secured through the Ethereum blockchain and enables the development of Web3 integrated 3D avatars. Under this partnership, will make MTskins the core social asset of its gaming space.

This will improve the user experience for all those interacting with’s integrated applications. MTskins enable the interoperability of avatars among Web3 and NFT platforms. Hence, a single digital identity can fit into multiple metaverses.

There are simple tools that MTskins users can use to customize their digital assets and make them suitable for any metaverse. Previously, MTskins users could use their customized digital identities on virtual, social, and augmented reality platforms.

With this collaboration, these users can extend this customization feature on’s apps and games. Moxy and MetaTope also plan to develop an infrastructure to ease video game developers’ creation of NFT-based avatars. For instance, the way they integrate playable elements into their game titles.

Once this protocol becomes available, gamers can use their customized identities in various Moxy games. Also, the two firms hope to achieve multiple ‘firsts’ in the play-to-earn gaming and NFT niche. Examples of such firsts include newer NFT use cases, customization, utility, and extension of identity in the video game sector.

MetaTope CEO, Jordan Yallen, said the two firms share a similar vision for future app development using blockchain and NFT technologies. Yallen added that the collaboration would enable MetaTope to test its gaming integration. He further said MetaTope has always believed that mass adoption will happen when it is easy for people to interact with the blockchain.

Hence, MetaTope developers are creating better tools and solutions to make it easy for anyone to understand and use the blockchain. With the integration of MTskins into the platform, users have complete control over their intellectual property and how they monetize their dashboard.

In his remarks, CEO, Matt Defouw, said the team is excited about this partnership as it enables their users to leverage MetaTope’s tools and technology within and outside the platform.

Defouw adds that this partnership will expand the digital interaction capabilities for users. The teams at both partners share many years of experience in p2p protocol layers, gaming, and technology. Part of the deal involves the inclusion of Nolan Bushnell as one of the advisory board members of MetaTope. Bushnell is’s chief knowledge officer.

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